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Our Impact

In April 2018, we opened our Sanctuary of Love Resource and Referral Center in the heart of Hollywood where 6,000 young people sleep on the streets every night. Since opening the SOL , we’ve been able to serve more homeless and disenfranchised youth through our street outreach, self-empowerment workshops and support service events more consistently. Our outreach, self-empowerment and support events throughout the year provided meals to more than 2,400 plus clothing and hygiene for young people in need. Since August, we’ve served 225 at 6 self-empowerment workshops with more planned in the upcoming months with support and funding from our community partners and amazing supporters.


Street Outreach

Street outreach is a critically important part of our work, as trust is a luxury that most homeless youth cannot afford.

Throughout the year, our volunteers (a.k.a. LOVE Warriors) take to the streets and plan events and services to support the needs of our homeless youth.

Having a regular presence helps build trust and rapport so we can then provide other services such as our self-empowerment workshops.



Evaluation results from self-empowerment workshop participant surveys:

90% reported positive impacts in the areas of self-worth, confidence, happiness, joy, & forgiveness

95% desired more workshops


Support Services

1-on-1 interviews measured our events’ impact on clients:

100% requested more frequency with our events

98% were highly satisfied with services delivered

98% reported immediate positive impacts in happiness, self-worth, self-respect, & self-confidence

90% felt better prepared to make better choices for their lives.