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Living a Legacy of Love: We heal the broken heart of society by transforming lives with love through persistence and perseverance. With whole-hearted living, our youth are reconnected with their purpose to live a life of strength and passion, alive with integrity and character.


Leading lost youth home to their hearts - emancipation from homelessness, incarceration, and addiction through discovery of their true value, purpose, and power.


L.O.V.E. Foundation transforms the lives of homeless and vulnerable youth in Los Angeles through educational mentorship and support services to heal the mind, body, and spirit, empowering youth to be self-sufficient and innovative leaders.


1-2 Year Goals

Goal 1: Programs

Grow capacity to serve ever-increasing numbers of youth while maintaining programmatic integrity and excellence

Goal 2: Team Development

Cultivate a dedicated team of happy and engaged team members to support continued growth and development

Goal 3: Financial

Increase revenue and develop more sustainable funding sources and partnerships for long-term success

Goal 4: Operations
Strengthen Systems to Support Long-Term Success